A dynamic economic trend offers new chances for you.
The grocery store next has long disappeared - Supermarkets have displaced it.
Market chains spend millions for advertising to make more profit ...
Huge shopping malls have appeared - and rather cost-intensive ideas
are necessary to attract more customers....

" Time has come for a new type of marketing strategy: "
ONLINE-Shopping from home will be the future..
As an independent Amway business partner you can benefit enormously
from the global growing of direct selling.

Do you like to be your own boss?
Your present job does not really lead to the goal desired?
Are you open-minded and willing to learn?
Do you prefer to work within a team?
Do you want to determine the amount of your income?
Do you want to own a business which your children can continue?

If you tick 'YES' please continue reading ...

Why is an AMWAY business -  your chance as well?

 Because you can run this business straight from your home.
 Because your age does not matter - young or elderly.
 Because you can start part-time.
 Because you can establish a second source of income without risks.
 Because you receive personal support and training.

What you can achieve: - A great lot!
It all depends on your own and individual goals.

An additional income to improve your standard of living.
A main income to be determined by you.
A better lifestyle - a more secure future.


Mehr Urlaub, mehr Freizeit

All this sounds most promising...
However, there are still several questions to be answered.
Why is Direct Selling better than the conventional trade?
Because the intermediate trade is avoided and the costs for product advertising
are replaced by personal recommendations.
In DIRECT SELLING the personal contact and the free advice to the customer are a matter of course.
All people recommend other people, what they like themselves.
This may be so a restaurant, a pediatrician, a film, a cell phone etc.
Maybe you get "Thanks" but you never receive MONEY.

With our business opportunity you can switch to the group of people, who make money by recommendations.

You want to know more about products and companies?
Amway offers a wide range of products with 90-day satisfaction guarantee.
The focus is consumer goods of daily life.
(cosmetics,personal care, household, nutrition supplements, wellness and much more ...)
We are partner of one of the world´s largest direct selling companies.
Have a look to our Internet business: AMWAY-ONLINE
Do I need a computer or access to Internet?
It would facilitate work and communication with Amway, customers and partners.
I don't know whether I am qualified for such an activity?
For sure - since you have already reached this page!
Naturally and finally we can fix this via personal communication.
We will support you from the beginning and share our knowhow.
Together we will be successful!

Now, it is up to you to take the first steps towards your personal success!

Ella Fitzgerald:  "It isn't where you came from, its where you're going that counts."
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